Do you have animals living with you?
Signs to look for….


  • Scratching or movement in walls in winter during warming and cooling periods
  • A bat in the house during the winter is a good sign there may be bats hibernating in the structure


  • Lines of dead grass
  • Soft areas in lawn
  • Mounds of dirt


  • Noise or scratching in fireplace or attic
  • Droppings on roof
  • Flea problem in house
  • Garbage cans raided
  • Cat/dog food missing
  • Sweet corn damage in garden.


  • Odor
  • Burrowing under buildings, deck or porch
  • Cone shape holes in yard
  • Sweet corn damage in garden
  • Flower bed or shrub damage from digging


  • Noise in fireplace or attic
  • Chewing around windows on inside of house or attic


  • Garden damage
  • Plants and flowers eaten
  • 10-12″ holes in lawn, under deck, around buildings or under brush/debris piles